Murray Gardiner is a talented singer-songwriter from the southwest of England. A passionate music fan from an early age, Murray looked to his favourite records growing up for inspiration for his songwriting and playing. 
In 2014 Murray recorded his debut album Barebones and released it on his own label. With a ton of instant choruses and catchy riffs and laced with the Rock, Blues and Country elements that he was raised on, Barebones showcases Murray's intense guitar style, a voice that can reach subtle highs and aggressive lows; and his exceptional songwriting - as melancholic as it is upbeat, as witty as it is heartfelt and overflowing with musical invention. 
Self-produced and recorded in various locations around Murray's home county of Gloucestershire, the songs on Barebones contain all of the things that take up Murray's mind: broken hearts, broken amplifiers, people who don't make any sense and Stanley Kubrick camera angles, to name a few. A cocker spaniel also makes an appearance. 

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