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Why Subscribe?

Being an independent music creator is an expensive business. When I first picked up the guitar at the age of 14, that was literally all it was - a guitar. As a creator it requires not just guitars and amps and the occasional replacement set of strings; but keyboards, effects, computers, interfaces, microphones, hardware, software, leads (mercy! Endless leads!), straps, cases, monitors, PA systems and much more before you can even just sit down and work on ideas. In addition to this, all of these devices and tools need to be maintained regularly. I would love to be able to tell you that revenue from streaming services pays for all of this but it is not the case. 

As a subscriber you’ll be easing the burden of all this and improving the chances of future gigs and releases actually happening. And this is good for not just me but the whole industry. Releases create work for other artists such as mix and mastering engineers and graphic artists. When an independent artist puts on a gig it creates work for a venue, its staff, promoters, sound engineers, support artists, session players and the artist themselves; all of which operate in a section of the industry where demand often fluctuates and is never guaranteed.

I’m offering a variety of packages for people who’d like to be involved, starting at as little as £1 per month. That’s £1 a month to show your support for me, my music and my industry. 

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  • Discounts on merchandise and downloads

And for anyone who’s not able to contribute but wants to stay in touch, you can still sign-up for the newsletter which keeps you informed of future events and releases. Visit the Subscribe page on my website and have a look at which package is best for you. 

Thank you so much for supporting my music. I truly appreciate it.