All of my recordings are now made entirely in my home recording studio, christened Silly Dog Studios after the many K9 companions who have sat in the corner of many of my recording sessions. Here's one of them.

My small studio is well-equipped and perfect for recording solo singers and instrumentalists. For guitarists I have high-end analogue and digital amps and effects and can provide any sound required to fit your track. I have an 88-key fully weighted Yamaha digital piano which is used as a controller for some excellent acoustic and electric piano plug-ins (Kontakt). 

My own releases are a good example of what I can provide: midi-programmed drums, guitars, bass, keyboards, brass and string programming/arrangements, synths, percussion and vocals; all to a high professional standard. As a player myself I’ve performed on many recordings, specialising in indie, rock, folk, electronic and everything in between. 

Check out my latest release Darling Remember and the Echowire EP to get a good picture of everything myself and the studio can provide. 

Keep up with what's new in the studio here and at the Soundcloud player below. Get in touch via the contact page to discuss your project and how I might help bring it to life. Or purchase a "gig" over on Fiverr